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Rallying film set to be released

An epic new rallying movie is to be released in January next year documenting the intriguing 1983 World Rally Championship battle between Audi and Lancia.

Race For Glory will star Daniel Brühl, who played Niki Lauda in Rush, will depict Audi’s Head of Sport and Development of Audi Sport Roland Gumpert during what was the infancy of rallying’s infamous Group B era.

The amazing Group B era is still reflected on as the glory days of global rallying to this day and transformed the sport into a high-tech war starting with Audi’s introduction of its Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

Lancia’s spectacular 037 is well revered and it’s due to this rivalry with the Quattro in 1983 as the manufacturers as well as the drivers battled for the title in thrilling circumstances.

In the end, the two-wheel-drive 037 triumphed to become the last marque to secure the World Rally Championship for Manufacturers’ title in this configuration as four-wheel-drive took the mantle from then on.

Audi got revenge in 1984, but the technological warfare of Group B ensured other manufacturers improved the breed including Peugeot in its revolutionary 205 T16 as Lancia was forced to develop the Delta S4 for 1985. However, tragedy hit the Italian operation as Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresta were killed on the Tour de Corse in 1986 driving the S4.

The 1983 season spawned a remarkable period of rallying and Race For Glory will again invoke these memories of Martini Lancias and the remarkable Quattros pitted against each other.

Group B may have been a short era in world rallying’s history, but for fans remains the most exciting.

The Race For Glory is set to be released on January 5, 2024.

Check out the trailer below and a feature Jeremy Clarkson covered on the 1983 season for The Grand Tour.