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Repco Garage’s top local car ads

There have been some great car ads from the past 60 years and the Repco Garage has picked out 10 of the best.

  1. Toyota – When I was just 18

This ad tracks a Toyota customer through all stages of their life featuring one of its vehicles at key parts of the journey.

2. Holden – Monaro launch

How good is this?! Some of these features now couldn’t be advertised as the jingle sets the scene that the Monaro is not to be messed with!

3. Chrysler Charger – Hey Charger

In this political correct world we live in today, these ads wouldn’t fly today. But how fantastic!

4. Holden – Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden cars

Unashamedly patriotic. Ken Sparkes guides this iconic ad as the unforgettable chant is a consistent throughout.

5. Ford Falcon – Slalom

Fred Gibson weaving between Ford’s biggest touring car stars, unforgettable.

6. Nissan – ‘Just wait ’til you drive it’

GT-R, 240sx, Nissan in its prime during the 1990s with its famous tag line during the same decade.

7. Mitsubishi – New Radicals

Good sound track and an ad originally conceived for Australia, but led a worldwide campaign. A shame the marque stopped building cars here soon after this.

8. Holden – Monaro, ‘Game Over’

This ad maybe ahead of its time by having a simulator focus. What an ad to launch the Monaro’s return!

9. Ford Fiesta – I See You Baby

German’s being sexy? Hmmmmmm…

10. Toyota Hilux – Baby Come Back

The most recent ad on this list. We’ve all felt like this about a car we have lost along the way.

Have we missed any? Make sure to let us know on the Repco social channels.