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Repco’s guide to the classic Australian road trip

Christmas time is coming up and with the deserved break comes the opportunity to explore this great land of ours!

Repco is located across Australia and will be able to help travellers out during this break whether it be getting the essential supplies for camping or servicing, or providing those parts to get the trip started.

Check out some essential road trip tips below before everyone heads off.

Check itinerary

The first tip is to make sure where you intend to travel highlighting points of interest, fuel and food stops, camping grounds, the type of roads and the expected time the trip will take. It is important for travellers to also check the weather, road conditions, opening times for amenities and all other details.

Prepare appropriately

In line with making sure you’ve checked the itinerary is ensuring preparations in terms of servicing of vehicle (tyre pressures, water, oil levels, battery charge), carrying the right equipment, food, water, fuel stocks are adequate, accommodation is booked, GPS is set and every item is packed.

Service equipment

As mentioned above, servicing is integral and it is not restricted to your vehicle. Eskies, power tools and anything mechanical needs to be checked before heading out on a road trip to ensure nothing fails. Also, it is necessary to check all of your equipment is not damaged and is in perfect working order before leaving the driveway.

Plan out your trip

Similar to checking the itinerary, but calculate lengths of days driving, rest breaks and how long you are expected to stay in certain areas. This will not only aid in keeping track of your trip as it also provides information to those close to you if the unexpected happens you can be traced back to a certain area.

Take breaks

Breaks are important as driving is a taxing activity and completing a road trip generally involves many hours behind the wheel. Check out tourism sites, go for a walk or grab a bite to eat between driving stints.

Experience the local cultures

Make sure to absorb what the area you are travelling to has to offer. Meet the people, check out any landmarks, explore the museums and make sure to spend some money to support the local businesses as well.

Ensure you stay sun smart

The last one is to ensure you slip, slop, slap as we all know the Australian summer can be brutal and becoming a lobster on a long road trip can be painfully. Make sure to look after yourself on the trip through also being hydrated and eating regularly, but also a first aid kit should be carried at all times.

Other small details are the driver is always in charge of the radio station, music or podcasts, the passenger is in charge of snacks and always enjoy what Australia has to offer!