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Variety Bash NSW 2023 – fixing the cars

The goal was to take two 25yo+ cars around NSW dirt roads while raising a stack of cash for Variety Childrens Charity and our charity partner Lifechanger.

We saw it as a fantastic way to raise money for these fantastic causes, sure… but we also really wanted to get out there in the cold winter months for some driving in old cars.

The cars we got had to be older than 25 years so we got ourselves a trusty Ford Falcon EB 6 cylinder 3.9L automatic in teal green, we also grabbed a familiar looking Ford Maverick the amazing badge engineered GQ Patrol with at 4.2L Carby 6 Cylinder.

These cars needed a little bit of work to get them ready for the rally and really needed a service so we sorted them shocks, springs, oils, filters, plugs and belts per usual but the Falcon required a new fuel system including pump and injectors and the Maverick needed a whole new carby!

We then had the Cars wrapped by Coby from CMP wraps, they managed to get us some Spandex vinyl thanks to Avery. After the wrap we headed to Wheel Pros to get some wheels and tyres for the falcon, they actually look great on it.

Our friends at Atomic Kustoms custom made us a roof rack, front bar and rear bar then sprayed it in raptor liner. It make the maverick look much tougher on the roads.

Once the cars were sorted we drove them down to Cowra in country NSW ready for the rally.

If you want to see how we went on the rally, check out Episode 2 here!